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I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counsellor and I am registered with the HSE to Legally Solemnise marriages in Ireland. 

I offer ceremony and ritual at the location of your choice to mark all of life's thresholds;

*Wedding Ceremonies,

*Funeral / Memorial Services,

*Vow Renewal Ceremonies,

*Commitment Ceremonies,

*Baby Blessing / Baby Naming Ceremonies,

*Divorce Ceremonies,

*Other Services including:

             *Grief Accompaniment

             *End of Life Accompaniment

I also offer Spiritual Counselling  or 'spiritual accompaniment' in a safe and confidential environment.  


As an Accredited Mediator, Legal Executive  and Professional Celebrant. My training in these fields helped make my transition to Ministry and Solemnising seamless. I undertook this pathway in response to the changing spiritual needs of our times and  although I use the title 'Reverend' and have been ordained within the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, I am a very different kind of Minister from traditional Religious Ministers as I have the freedom to perform ceremonies / rituals for people of all beliefs and/or none. I have no agenda, your ceremony can be as spiritual, secular or atheist as you choose and may use language, music and readings of your choice.


Like most Irish people, I was raised Catholic and my training has helped me to see that I do not reject Catholicism, rather that I embrace all other beliefs and religions equally. 


I have taken a vow of inclusivity and welcome diversity of gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability and culture within the bounds of Irish law and I have no requirement to speak about any parent organisation during your ceremony. 

I can create and celebrate your Ceremony, at your Location, on Any Day of the Year, Anytime!.


Please *Contact Me to discuss your ceremony.

Rev. Brenda