1. Can you perform the legal aspect of your marriage?

YES!  I am a HSE Registered Solemniser, and can Legally Solemnise your marriage

at your venue on your chosen day


2. Are you a Humanist/Spiritualist?​

I am an Interfaith Ministers, which gives me the freedom to perform ceremonies for people of all beliefs  and  none.  


I have no agenda with regard to your ceremony, it can be as spiritual, secular or atheist as you choose, using whatever language, music and readings you choose.  


I also have no requirement to speak about any parent organisation during your ceremony. I have taken a vow of inclusivity and I welcome diversity of gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability, culture or any other reason- within the bounds of Irish law.


Because I am authorised to carry out ceremonies for couples of all faiths and none, I have been listed on the HSE Register of Solemnisers as a religious Solemniser, as opposed to secular.  This sometimes causes confusion for couples who want a secular/atheist/humanist ceremony.  This classification has absolutely no bearing on the content of your ceremony.


3. Can you Solemnise our marriage on a Saturday/Sunday?

Yes! I can Legally Solemnise your marriage at any time, on any day of the week, in any venue  that is compliant with Section 52 of the Civil Registrations Act 2004. The main requirements being that the Solemnisation takes place at an identifiable address which is open to the general public. 


Ceremonies with no legal component can take place at any Venue.  


4. How do we Register our marriage? 

You must visit a HSE Registrar to register your Intent to Marry, NO LESS THAN THREE MONTHS prior to your intended wedding date. The HSE will then give you your Marriage Registration Form (MRF) usually in a green folder, which you will bring with you on your wedding day. 

Full details are available from the HSE website:


5. How long will the ceremony last? 

Most ceremonies usually last around  25-35 minutes, depending on your requirement and music choices, ceremony enhancements, photographs etc. 


6.  How do we obtain our Marriage Certificate?

You retain the paperwork (in the green folder) after it is signed on the day of your ceremony.  (You should nominate someone to ensure it is

put away safely, immediately after the ceremony)!

You then return the MFR (Marriage Registration Form) within one month to the HSE Registrar, for the marriage to be registered and

your civil marriage certificate will be issued to you.

 Full details are available from the HSE website:

7. How much will it cost? 

My all inclusive professional  fee  for creating and celebrating your bespoke ceremony is €595.00 I do not charge for travel or meeting with you to plan your ceremony or for the materials for two ceremony enhancements (i.e. candle, sand or hand fasting ceremonies).

Please  *Contact Me to discuss fees for creating your bespoke ceremony and supporting you in the lead-up to your ceremony.

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