Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies Explained!

For more information please see Rev Brenda O'Grady Interfaith Minister, Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant 

What is an Interfaith Wedding Ceremony?

An Interfaith Wedding Ceremony is a legal Wedding Ceremony for people of all beliefs or none. Interfaith Celebrants are registered with the HSE to Legally Solemnise marriage in Ireland.

Interfaith Celebrants have taken a vow of inclusivity, welcome diversity of beliefs, gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability and culture within the bounds of Irish law.

Your Interfaith Celebrant will guide you through the process of creating a Ceremony written just for you that expresses your love and commitment to each other in a unique, personalised and meaningful way.

1. State Notice

For a legal marriage in Ireland, everyone must Register  *Your Intent To Marry with the HSE at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

A fee of €200 is payable to the state registrar for notification of your intention to marry.

Full details of the registration process are available on the  *HSE Website.

Your Interfaith Minister will guide you further on this when you meet.

2. The Celebrant

Interfaith Celebrants are registered with the HSE to legally Solemnise marriage in Ireland.

Because Interfaith Celebrants hold non religious and religious ceremony they are registered with the HSE for administration purposes under the Religious heading.

Interfaith Celebrants have been professionally trained in the creation of bespoke legal ceremony.

They are Ordained Interfaith Ministers honouring and serving people of all beliefs and none.

In Ireland Interfaith Celebrants are independent and you book them directly not centrally and they provide a personalised service to you.

3. The Venue

In choosing your venue remember that for legal solemnising your venue must have an identifiable address and be open to the public. Your venue can be outdoors providing it meets this criteria.

4. The Ceremony

Your Interfaith Celebrant will create your bespoke ceremony with you, ensuring that it reflects your beliefs and wishes, personal stories, philosophy of life, and personality. They will help make the planning through to delivery of your ceremony as stress-free and simple as possible.

Your Celebrant will provide you with ample sample reflections, affirmations/ blessings and vows. The length of the ceremony will depend on the number of reflections, or the music you include.

Your Ceremony can include  *bespoke elements including Hand Wrapping/ Hand Fasting, Secret Box, Sand, Stone, Unity Candle and many more  *Ceremony Enhancements.

Interfaith Celebrants have no requirement to speak about any parent organisation during your ceremony.

5. Time & Day

Interfaith Celebrants can hold your Ceremony on any day of the year at any time.

6. Fee

Your Interfaith Celebrants fee will be in and around €600/€700 but as celebrants all work independently, this may vary.

Some Interfaith Celebrants may also charge travel expenses if your venue is a distance away from their base and for ceremony enhancements.

Rev Brenda O'Grady Interfaith Minister, Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant charges an all-inclusive professional fee of €595.00 for creating and holding your bespoke ceremony with no additional charge for travel, planning consultations and includes two ceremony enhancements (i.e. candle, sand or hand fasting ceremonies).

For more information please contact Rev Brenda O'Grady Interfaith Minister, Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant at 📞 00353 87 2318324

Rev Brenda O'Grady Interfaith Minister, Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant

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