I am a HSE Registered Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant and a One World Interfaith Minister serving people of all beliefs and none. I can legally marry you and will guide you through the process of creating a Ceremony written just for you that expresses your love and commitment in a unique, personalised and meaningful way.


My wedding ceremonies are legal, bespoke, personal and bridge the gap between church, civil, spiritual or humanist; whatever type of ceremony you wish for I will make that wish come true!

Your Ceremony can include  *bespoke elements  including Hand Wrapping/ Hand Fasting, Secret Box, Sand, Stone, Unity Candle and many more *Ceremony Enhancements.  You may want your ceremony to be full to the brim with pzazz or something more low key and meaningful, the choice is yours.

I have taken a vow of inclusivity, welcome diversity of belief, gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability and culture within the bounds of Irish law.

When you book a Ceremony with me, as you will see from my reviews, you don’t just get 30 minutes. I invest in you and you get meetings, telephone calls, face to face meetings and in these Covid-19 times Zoom / WhatsApp & Skype meetings. You get to sit with me and plan your Ceremony, not a template, not a generic Ceremony that could apply to anyone but a bespoke Ceremony that is centered on you and your partner. I  create your Ceremony to reflect you, and I will help make the planning through to delivery as stress-free and simple as possible. You get drafts and re-drafts until we get it just right for you. You get personalised ceremony enhancements and more. You get the benefit of my years of training, my 16 years of experience creating Ceremonies and access to the resources that I have built up over the years.

You get a Ceremony that has been created with Love and you get your Ceremony held at your location on any day of the year at any time. (Just remember when choosing your venue for legal solemnising it must have an identifiable address with a building that is open to the public.)

For a legal marriage, you need to Register  *Your Intent To Marry  with the HSE at least 3 months prior to your wedding date, and you need to ensure that your venue is acceptable to the HSE. I will guide you further on this when we meet. Full details of the registration process are available on the *HSE Website.

My all inclusive professional  fee  for creating and celebrating your bespoke ceremony is €595.00. I do not charge for travel or meeting with you to plan your ceremony or for the materials for two ceremony enhancements (i.e. candle, sand or hand fasting ceremonies).

For your assistance I have created a list of  *frequently asked questions.

Please  *Contact Me  to check my availability on your date and to arrange to meet to discuss your ceremony.

I look forward to joining you on your journey!

Rev. Brenda

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